Nature trail of Hiittenkari

Nature trail of Hiittenkari is located on the edge of the northern end of lake Pyhäjärvi in Kauttua village. The path leads to Hiittenkari, which is half a mile in length and roughly tapers to lake Pyhäjärvi’s unique projecting ridge peninsula.

It is worth going on the Hiittenkari nature trail for the great scenery, for lunch, to birdwatch or to fish. In the spring after the ice melts, Hiittenkari becomes a place to witness roach spawning, which last only for a few days. At the same time, on the nature trail, blooming wood anemones are abundant.

The path is somewhat difficult in places and runs near the watercourses, so caution should be taken especially when hiking with children.

You can join the route from any starting point indicated on the map, car parks are located near to those points. The Pyhäjärvi Institute car park area is near the road Sepäntie crossroads.