Ruukinpuisto Nature Trail

Ruukinpuisto Nature Trail runs alongside river Eurajoki, which rises from Lake Pyhäjärvi. The surrounding forest’s diverse tree species offer peace for both walkers and forest dwellers.

Ruukinpuisto nature trail is about a kilometer long and the closest parking area to it is at the Pyhäjärvi Institute’s yard, located in a forested area.

The trail begins from Pyhäjärvi Institute’s alpine shrubbery and continues along the coniferous forests towards the shores of lake Pyhäjärvi. The route passes lakeshore saunas towards the mouth of the river Eurajoki and the broadleaf forest and the privacy of the sauna users should be respected when walking on the route. The route continues alongside Eurajoki river and the slopes of the forest and when you arrive at the bridge over the river, it is time to return to the starting point.