The lake Pyhäjärvi area offers diverse possibilities for cycling.

Cycle into Prehistory and National Landscapes

The route runs along the shore of Lake Pyhäjärvi, and through the historically valuable national landscape of Lake Köyliönjärvi. Along the route there are interesting historical sites, such as ancient ruins and museums. The route takes cyclists into prehistory and the route of Christianity’s entry into Finland. (more…)

Cycle Route Tour de Pyhäjärvi

Tour de Pyhäjärvi is a bicycle route about 74 kilometers around Lake Pyhäjärvi. The route runs through Eura, Säkylä and Yläne. On the map you will find various services along the route. You can join the route anywhere and cycle in either direction. The route runs along paved and unpaved roads.

Cycle Route Yläne – Kurjenrahka National Park

This bicycle route is intended as a route between Yläne village and Kurjenrahka National Park and can be travelled in either direction. (more…)

Cycling from Rauma to Eura

Cycling between the city of Rauma and the centre of Eura covers around 43 kilometres.

The cycle route starts from Old Rauma and allows cyclists to take in UNESCO World Heritage site Sammallahdenmäki and other sites before ending in the centre of Eura. (more…)

Cycling Route around Lake Köyliönjärvi

Cycling route around lake Köyliönjärvi runs through the national landscape of lake Köyliönjärvi. The lenght of the route is approximately 31 kilometers. (more…)

Cycling Route Eskers Rotation

The 48 km long cycling route begin in the centre of Säkylä and runs alongside Lake Pyhäjärvi to Pyhäjoki village to esker Säkylänharju-Virttaankangas and from village Kankaanpää back to Säkylä. (more…)

Cycling route Eura – Kiukainen – Tuiskula

The cycling route runs in Finnish countryside from Eura to Kiukainen and back to Eura via village Tuiskula. The length of the route is 31 km. (more…)

Cycling route Yläne – Raasi – Uusikartano

The 29 kilometre long bicycle route from Yläne centre runs through the Raasi area to Uusikartano and then back to Yläne along the Yläneenjoki river. (more…)

Säkylä Scenic Cycling Route

Along the Säkylä scenic cycling route, you can enjoy the unique landscape of Lake Pyhäjärvi and the open landscape of Säkylä and Köyliö, which are national landscapes. (more…)

Sieravuori Outdoor Trail

In Eura’s village Honkilahti, in the scenic surroundings of lake Pyhäjarvi by rugged cliffs and forested shoreline the winding Sieravuori Outdoor Trail is perfect for a wide range of hiking and exercise activities. The lenght of the trail is about 8.1 kilometers. (more…)