The Lake Pyhäjärvi area has excellent fishing. The diverse watercourses of the region offer great fishing experiences, especially if you like catching pike and perch. Pyhäjärvi is one of Europe’s most abundant lakes for fish and beneath its gentle waves hide many edible fish from whitefish to vendace and as well as signal crayfish. The lakes sheltered bays also contain tench and large bream.

In Lake Köyliöjärvi’s murky waters, pike, perch and pike-perch (zander) dwell and in Lake Elijärvi there are eels to catch. Lake Koskeljärvi’s wilderness is free of holiday homes and protected reserve, which allows the shallow lake to offer pleasant surprises for those who like to fish from canoes.

Please practise responsible fishing: take account of other water users and beach-dwellers and ensure the proper disposal of waste. It is better to choose medium sized fish than large specimens for the dining table. Predators, such as pike, perch and pike-perch, play an important role in maintaining the balance of the aquatic ecosystem. An increase in large fish also produces more offspring and more viable fish populations. Size matters.

Ice-fishing is a traditional Finnish way of fishing. Fishing on ice is usually safe when the ice cover is over 15 cm thick. Beware the flowing places where the ice is weaker. These places are usually close to the bridges and where the rivers enter or leave the lake. Essential safety equipment includes ice picks. Always remember safety comes first. If you are not sure if the ice is strong enough for fishing, ask the local people.

Finnish fishing licences can be found here.

Fishing on lake Elijärvi

Located on the south-west of Lake Pyhäjärvi, Elijärvi offers a variety of fishing opportunities. (more…)

Fishing on Lake Koskeljärvi

Koskeljärvi is a shallow, wilderness-like lake in Honkilahti, Eura. (more…)

Fishing on Lake Köyliönjärvi

Lake Köyliönjärvi is located in the eastern half of the lake Pyhäjärvi area in the village Köyliö in Säkylä municipality and supports a wide range of fishing. (more…)

Fishing on Lake Pyhäjärvi

Pyhäjärvi is the common lake for the regions of Southwest Finland and Satakunta and the largest lake in Southwest Finland. Säkylä’s Pyhäjärvi is said to be one of Europe’s most fish rich lakes and its attractions include plenty of pike and perch. In addition, the lake contains, for example, burbot, brown trout and whitefish. Signal crayfish are also plentiful and 500,000 to 1,000,000 are caught annually on lake Pyhäjärvi.

Holiday Centre Sieravuori

Holiday Centre Sieravuori is a full-service holiday resort on the shores of Lake Pyhäjärvi, where you can find accommodation, restaurants, meeting and banquet facilities, a water sports centre, a swimming beach and saunas. In the summer, Sieravuori hosts events and live music.

Sieravuorentie 117, 27650 Honkilahti

Lake Elijärvi Log Cabin Holidays

Elijärvi’s high quality log cabins are located in Yläne on the lake of Elijärvi and in the immediate vicinity of the extensive hiking trails in Kuhankuono. The log cabins are also suitable for meetings.

Meriläntie 24, 21900 Yläne

Nummiranta’s Cottage

Nummiranta’s Cottage is a traditional log cabin on the shore of lake Pyhäjärvi near the borders of Southwest Finland and Satakunta, which can accommodate up to 10-12 people. A shallow sandy beach and a peaceful environment make it suitable for families with children. The cottage includes a hut, a kitchenette, two loft spaces, a sauna, a dressing room, a terrace and dry toilet. The cottage has electric heating and water plus a wood-heated sauna. Nummiranta is also suitable for meetings and parties.

Nummirannantie, 27800 Säkylä

Säkylä’s Wilderness and Fishing Tourism

Säkylä’s Wilderness and Fishing Tourism offers high quality cottages for rent on the shore of Lake Pyhäjärvi. Accommodation is available in three different sized cabins, the largest of which can sleep nine people. The cottages are located near the centre of Säkylä. There is also a smoke sauna and a barbecue hut. Fishing programme services are also available.

Rantatie 137, 27800 Säkylä