Frisbee Golf

There are many places to play frisbee golf in the Lake Pyhäjärvi area. The region is well-suited to this rapidly growing sport for all ages. Check out the courses available.

Eenokki Frisbee Golf Course

The Eenokki Frisbee Golf Course is located in a fantastic location on the shore of Lake Pyhäjärvi.

The course has 12 fairways that vary in length from 55 metres to 182 metres. The total length of the fairways is 1237 metres.

It is located in the beach area (4 fairways), the dunes (4 fairways) and on the other side of the Rantatie (Beach Road) behind the woods (4 bus). The total length of the fairways is 2400 metres.

The parking area is located at Rantatie 706, 27820 Säkylä. | Eenokki

Eura Frisbee Golf Course

Eura’s frisbee golf course is located at the sports field near Eura. The course is a 9-holed.

Address: Nummentie 28, Eura | Euran rata

Honkilahti Frisbee Golf Course

Eura’s Honkilahti village has a 9 hole forest course running alongside outdoor trail.

Address: Koskenkylänraitti 89, Honkilahti | Honkilahti

Huovinrinne Frisbee Golf Course

Close to the Pori Brigade’s military area in Säkylä’s Huovinrinne is a 9-hole woodland course open to all. The parking area is located on the right side of road Huovintie, opposite the hospital.

Address: Huovintie, Säkylä | Huovinrinne

Kiperi Frisbee Golf Course

Kiperi Frisbee Golf Course is located in the Kiperi recreation area of Eura. It is an 18-hole forest and field course.

Address: Kiperintie 70, Eura | Kiperi
Facebook: Kiperi Frisbee Golf Course

Panelia Frisbee Golf Course

In Panelia village, Eura, there is a 9 hole frisbee forest golf course that begins at Panelia’s watertower.

Address: Hemmintie 21, Panelia | Panelia

Sieravuori Frisbee Golf Course

Around the Holiday Centre Sieravuori there is a 9 hole frisbee golf course set in park and forest, offering a challenge to even more experienced players while also being suitable for beginners.

Address: Sieravuorentie 117, Honkilahti | Sieravuori

Vaaljoki Frisbee Golf Course

In Vaaljoki village in Eura there is a 9 hole forested frisbee golf course. The course is suitable for beginners. (more…)

Vampula Frisbee Golf Course

Vampula’s frisbee golf course is located near the Säkylä and Huittinen border on the Harjureitti hiking area. A forested course begins the at Vampula’s outdoor rest area. The course offers 10 and 18 hole options. Frisbee golf course is not in use during the winter skiing season.

Address: Harjuntie 407, Vampula | Vampula

Yläne Frisbee Golf Course

Close by Yläne’s school you can find a 9 hole forest golf course.

Address: Koulutie 14, Yläne | Yläne