Info is a joint tourism and travel site for the area of Eura, Säkylä and Pöytyä’s Yläne in Finland, helping you to find activities and relaxation for short stopovers and longer stays.

The Lake Pyhäjärvi Area is located in southern parts of region Satakunta and in the northern parts of region Southwest Finland.

Distances to the north end of Lake Pyhäjärvi it is:

  • 220 km from the city of Helsinki
  • 90 km from the city of Turku
  • 120 km from the city of Tampere
  • 40 km from the city of Rauma
  • 55 km from the city of Pori

The site is maintained by the municipalities of Eura, Säkylä and Pöytyä, and local action group Leader Pyhäjärviseutu.

Below the Info menu you will find general information on the area. All the services and sights on the site are presented in alphabetical order and you will also find a feedback form.