Museums and exhibitions

The Lake Pyhäjärvi area has a rich history, which you can explore by visiting the region’s museums and historical sites and its prehistoric artefacts. To see get a sense of those ancient times, you can go on guided tours and have an expert add colour to the detail. This region is also significant for its 300 years of industrial development, since the founding of the traditional industrial area – the ironworks – in Eura. The history of Finnish homes and lifestyles is also featured from a wide range of different perspectives and, especially during the summer, there are special events at museums to enhance knowledge of the region’s remote and difficult past – see the event calendar.

Alvar Aalto’s Terrace House

The terrace house was built in 1938 and is a pure example of modernist style. Architecture, interior furnishings and design combine in this special building, which is open all year round.

The Artek furniture in the showroom is available for purchase, so the exhibition will change from time to time

Alvar Aallontie 4 as3, Kauttua

Ateljee Merja Ahtola

In Hinnerjoki there is a 200-year-old historic house that functions as a textile artist’s studio and gallery, exhibiting constantly changing artwork for sale. In this fabulous space, wool is felted, dyed and woven, plus workshops and courses are organised. The studio and gallery are open by arrangement and occasionally by chance – mostly in the summer. Call +35850 537 3305 if you would like to visit.

Hinnerjoen Kirkkotie 12, 27600 Hinnerjoki

Hamm’s Art House and Boutique

Hamm’s Art House is where you will find Finland’s first rural cosmetics and perfumes ’s shop. Pop in to buy or order a scent analysis under the direction of artist Pirjo Hamm-Hakamäki. In the shop you will find Pirjo Hamm-Hakamäki’s small paintings, cards, unique jewellery and, of course, the cosmetics, perfumes and toiletries for which the shop is widely known, especially its large selection of crafted fine sweet-smelling, old-time soaps. Boutique’s walls have absorbed the fragrances of delightful perfumes for decades!

Sorkkistentie 33, 27510 Eura | Euran kemikalio


Kauttua Factory Museum

The museum introduces visitors to more than 300 years of industrial history in Kauttua. Discover the working conditions of Kauttua’s former iron foundry, see how the paper and packaging industry revolutionised the community and admire the old packaging. A small but perfect museum hides a long and varied history.

Tehtaantie 59, 27500 Kauttua | Kauttuan tehtaitten museo

Kikros Design

Kikros Design, i.e. goldsmith Kirsi Sarasvirta crafts her own small series and unique jewellery, which is principally made from silver and yellow and white gold. Her smithy also produces handcrafted work in many other materials. In addition to precious metals, iron and copper wire, glass beads and various recycled products are used as interesting materials to make distinctive new products.

In addition to the sale of precious jewellery, the smithy organises handicraft workshops for small groups, for example, for bachelor parties, societies and workgroups. The smithy’s jewellery store is located in the beautiful village of Panelia in Eura.

Address: Mäkiläntie 7, 27430 Panelia

Korpi village Water mill

Operational water mill in river Pyhäjoki is located in Säkylä’s village called Korpi. The mill is nowadays as a museum.

Museum is open to the public in June and July.

Address: Korventie 89, Säkylä

The Laughing Dragon – Prehistory Quidance Centre

Get to know with Eura’s glorious Iron Age! The exhibitions describe the lives of the area’s ancient inhabitants and you can try out different ancient handicraft techniques yourself. The exhibition features both original and reconstructed items, such as the traditional costumes worn in Eura. At the shop, you can buy products that were inspired by ancient artefacts discovered in the region.

Sorkkistentie 18, 27510 Eura
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Museums in Hinnerjoki

The Hinnerjoki Home Museum is located in the yard of an old crofting complex that has 10 buildings, in addition an old stone warehouse is located near the Hinnerjoki Church. The museums comprehensively depict Finnish homes down the decades – the collection contains 10,000 catalogued and digitised items.

Through the museum’s extensive collection, the visitor gets a complete picture of former ways of life in Finland: the work and everyday life involved in many professional trades – the most important of which were associated with agricultural machinery. In the summer, the museum organises a variety of programmes, Hinnerjoki Day is the last Sunday in July.

Luotteenperäntie 13, Hinnerjoki

Nature Cabinet

Luontokapinetti (Nature Cabinet) is a wildlife exhibition in Yläne. An exhibition space of 600 m2 has been built to include the entire universe. Knowledgeable enthusiasts will find new things to learn by immersing themselves in the details and others can admire and enjoy the exhibition by admiring its visual beauty. Guided tours are available.

Hovilanmäentie 2, 21900 Yläne

The Old Parsonage in Kiukainen

There is a homestead museum in Eurakoski’s Kiukainen, which serves as a summer cafe and a museum and exhibition hall.
Wanha Pappila, (The Old Parsonage) was originally built as a chapel was built in 1865 and later converted to a parsonage. It has been refurbished and nowadays includes museum items and old Church artefacts. On the upper floor of the museum there is the old tannery, Satanahka Oy, with its tools and photographs. During the summer, the museum also puts on a wealth of events, such as music and song evenings.

Pappilankuja 3, 27400 Kiukainen
Facebook: Kiukaisten Wanha Pappila

Säkylä Local History Museum

The Säkylä Local History Museum’s area opens not only onto a beautiful view of Lake Pyhäjärvi, but also the history of Säkylä. Spend a summer day in an idyllic setting.

Address: Lehmuuntie 25, Säkylä

Säkylä Winter and Continuation War Museum

Säkylä Winter War and the Continuation War’s Museum’s exhibitions display Finnish wartime life and its artefacts. The visitor can feel the atmosphere in which smoky frog chambers warmed badly wounded soldiers and you can also see the medication the soldiers took. In the canteen you can look at the products used on the front. In addition to the fixed exhibits, the museum also has changing exhibits.

Kiertotie 2, 27800 Säkylä

Art hall TaidehAlli and Sofia’s room

In an art hall TaidehAlli you can visit an art exhibition of local artist Raija Ääri in idyllic milieu. Themes of paintings vary from nature to landscapes and Finnish myths and tales. In addition to art you can find children’s books of rhyming poets where trolls and fairies adventure.

Adjacent to art hall you can find Sofia’s room which is an interior of past displaying the life story of Ms. Sofia Vätti (1877-1961) from Säkylä municipality. Sofia was not an ordinary woman of her own time as the letters, recipies, post cards, textiles and other artifacts on display show us. She was well educated and sofisticated woman and skilled artisan who sewed all her clothes herself, weaved fabrics and ordered fashion magazines all the way from Paris. She was also well known for her cooking skills and often treated her friends with fine cookings.

Raija Ääri also arranges home concerts and accepts groups on request. This is an opportunity to have a sneak peek in a local home and piece of history of Säkylä municipality.

Open by appointment. Raija Ääri, tel. +358 50 525 5854.

Rantatie 381, Säkylä.

Tibet Art Center

Tibet Art Center

A museum of Tibetian Art in Alastaro. A rare and wide collection of tibetianbuddhist icon art; thangka-paintings, statues and ritual artifacts.
You can also attend yoga and meditation lessons in Art Center. Lessons are also available in nature and can be combined with outdoor activities such as hiking or trekking. For groups: hiking and yoga packages.

June-August Wed-Fri 12 am-5pm, Sat-Sun 12am-4pm
Sep-May Fri 12 am-5pm, Sat-Sun 12am-4pm
Groups for request

Auvaistentie 400, 32440 Alastaro
Tibet Art Center