Eura’s prehistory is still clearly visible in the region and you can explore it at Nauravaa lohikäärme (The Laughing Dragon, at the Viking village of Härkänummi, or by touring the ancient sites independently or with a group.

One of the most famous historical stories in Finland – that of the Legend of Lalli – is set in Köyliö, where the peasant Lalli is said to have killed Bishop Henry on Lake Köyliönjärvi. It’s a story from a region enriched by its former remoteness and harshness, come and experience how ancient Finns lived and the heritage they left behind.

Härkänummi Viking age Village

Eura’s prehistory comes to life in the Härkänummi Viking Age Village, where Pohjolan muinaiselämys (Pohjala Ancient Experience) organises Iron Age themed adventure tours for children and adults. At Härkänummi you can sense and experience the Iron Age and you can try, among other things, ancient handicrafts or hunting skills and learn about the production of ancient food and beer. The Ancient Life Experience is tailored to the customer’s wishes. Härkänummi hosts an annual event Muinaisaikaan (To the Ancient times) in June when the village opens up to individual visitors as well.

Härkänummen viikinkikylä
Mansikintie, 27670 Mannila

The Laughing Dragon – Prehistory Quidance Centre

Get to know with Eura’s glorious Iron Age! The exhibitions describe the lives of the area’s ancient inhabitants and you can try out different ancient handicraft techniques yourself. The exhibition features both original and reconstructed items, such as the traditional costumes worn in Eura. At the shop, you can buy products that were inspired by ancient artefacts discovered in the region.

Sorkkistentie 18, 27510 Eura
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Prehistoric Eura – Brochure

This guide introduces Eura’s living prehistory by providing essential historical knowledge and presenting the services and routes to the park and its ancient sites.

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