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You can find the newest collection of Marimekko’s clothes, accessories, fabrics and home items in Artemiia’s boutique in Eura. There is also other brands available, for example Ritva Falla, MASAI, Fransa.  In Artemiia You always meet friendly staff!

Satakunnankatu 22, 27510 Eura

Eura Canoeing Club

Eura’s Canoeing Club is active canoeing association.

Canoeing Club is renting canoes and kayaks in two different locations. The other location is on the shore of lake Pyhäjärvi and the other is by the river Eurajoki. Both locations are close to the center of Eura.

sporttisaitti.com | Euran kanoottiklubi

Interior design and handicrafts Midinetti

Midinetti hand manufactures goods and gifts as well as decorative furnishings. There are also accessories and clothes in the collection, plus a sewing service.

It is also worth dropping in for coffee as there is a charming cafe in the boutique, where you can enjoy a variety of sweet and savoury snacks. Outside the actual opening hours, you can also book the café for big and small groups and ask for the café to cater to your visual and taste bud requirements.

The store is located in Eura, in the centre of the village of Panelia.

Paneliantie 31 A, Panelia

Lake Liesjärvi Birdwatching Tower

The lake Liesjärvi’s birdwatching tower is located in the western parts of lake Pyhäjärvi area. Lake Liesjärvi is a protected wetland which belongs to the Natura 2000 network.

Address: Liesjärventie 357, Laitila

Vaaljoki Frisbee Golf Course

In Vaaljoki village in Eura there is a 9 hole forested frisbee golf course. The course is suitable for beginners. (more…)

Ateljee Merja Ahtola

In Hinnerjoki there is a 200-year-old historic house that functions as a textile artist’s studio and gallery, exhibiting constantly changing artwork for sale. In this fabulous space, wool is felted, dyed and woven, plus workshops and courses are organised. The studio and gallery are open by arrangement and occasionally by chance – mostly in the summer. Call +35850 537 3305 if you would like to visit.

Hinnerjoen Kirkkotie 12, 27600 Hinnerjoki
dateko.fi | merja

Museums in Hinnerjoki

The Hinnerjoki Home Museum is located in the yard of an old crofting complex that has 10 buildings, in addition an old stone warehouse is located near the Hinnerjoki Church. The museums comprehensively depict Finnish homes down the decades – the collection contains 10,000 catalogued and digitised items.

Through the museum’s extensive collection, the visitor gets a complete picture of former ways of life in Finland: the work and everyday life involved in many professional trades – the most important of which were associated with agricultural machinery. In the summer, the museum organises a variety of programmes, Hinnerjoki Day is the last Sunday in July.

Luotteenperäntie 13, Hinnerjoki


Alvar Aalto’s old sauna and washroom is not only classic modern design it also offers both Finnish and foreign design items. The outlet is located in the downstairs of Jokisauna and, for example, Tivoliaudio, Verso Design, Showroom Finland and Design House Stockholm brands are available there while in the Mangle Gallery there are changing exhibitions.

Sepäntie 1, 27500 Kauttua
Facebook: Jokisauna

Härkänummi Viking age Village

Eura’s prehistory comes to life in the Härkänummi Viking Age Village, where Pohjolan muinaiselämys (Pohjala Ancient Experience) organises Iron Age themed adventure tours for children and adults. At Härkänummi you can sense and experience the Iron Age and you can try, among other things, ancient handicrafts or hunting skills and learn about the production of ancient food and beer. The Ancient Life Experience is tailored to the customer’s wishes. Härkänummi hosts an annual event Muinaisaikaan (To the Ancient times) in June when the village opens up to individual visitors as well.

Härkänummen viikinkikylä
Mansikintie, 27670 Mannila

Wanha Sähkötehdas (The Old Power Plant)

Panelia’s old power plant’s milieu offers unique experiences and shopping. The building houses the outlets of Villa Pellava, Punainen talli and Biolin. Villa Pellava’s range includes high quality clothes and accessories, Punainen talli sells wonderful decorative products, gift ideas, textiles and delicacies. Biolin manufactures health products from its own flaxseeds for dogs, horses and, of course, people. You will also find Uulatuote’s excellent paint shop in the old power plant.

Paneliantie 32, 27430 Panelia


Hotel Kauttua Club

Kauttuan Klubi is a beautiful manor house built over 200 years ago as the main building in the industrial area and is located in the middle of Kauttua Ironworks alongside Eurajoki River. Today it serves as a hotel and restaurant. The accommodation has refurbished rooms decorated in the manor house’s spirit. There is also accommodation at Villa Aalto, designed by Alvar Aalto, and the guest house in Varkaudenmäki.

Sepäntie 3, 27500 Kauttua
Hotel Kauttua Club | ahlstrominruukit.fi/en

Kauttua Club Restaurant

The award-winning restaurant Kauttua Club brings local nature to your plate! The gardens of the Kauttua Ironworks area, the berries and mushrooms of the forests, Lake Pyhäjärvi’s fish and crayfish and self-caught game are the pride of the Kauttua Club’s kitchen. The atmospheric Kellari Bar is in its element when entertaining smaller groups. In summer the terrace opens its doors onto a beautiful orchard.

Sepäntie 3, 27500 Kauttua
Kauttuan Klubi | ahlstrominruukit.fi/en

Hotel Kauttua

Hotel Kauttua is a small apartment hotel in a unique and historic former industrial area. The hotel has two double rooms with all amenities and a kitchen. Hotel Kauttua is perhaps the smallest hotel in Finland.

Luvalahdentie 1, 27500 Kauttua

Eura Sportcenter

Eura Sportcenter – a well-being centre offers Satakunta’s largest facilities for racquet sports and other ball sports, including tennis, badminton, squash, table tennis, snooker, pickleball, racquetball, floorball. Our facilities also include a cross-training gym, sauna facilities, ProShop and a café and meeting rooms.

We organise tournaments and events throughout the year and arrange group fitness and small group exercise courses for fitness enthusiasts of different levels. Come and join in!

Mäkitie 2, 27510 Eura

The Old Parsonage in Kiukainen

There is a homestead museum in Eurakoski’s Kiukainen, which serves as a summer cafe and a museum and exhibition hall.
Wanha Pappila, (The Old Parsonage) was originally built as a chapel was built in 1865 and later converted to a parsonage. It has been refurbished and nowadays includes museum items and old Church artefacts. On the upper floor of the museum there is the old tannery, Satanahka Oy, with its tools and photographs. During the summer, the museum also puts on a wealth of events, such as music and song evenings.

Pappilankuja 3, 27400 Kiukainen
Facebook: Kiukaisten Wanha Pappila

Summer cafe Kyöpeli

In the middle of Kauttua Ruukinpuisto, you can find find the welcoming summer café Kahvila Kyöpeli. Take a break for a coffee and check out its changing art exhibitions. The cafeteria also serves as the information centre for Kauttua Ruukinpuisto, offering brochures and instructions on visiting the area.

Sepäntie 4, Kauttua
Facebook: Kahvila Kyöpeli

Pehtoori Flea Market

Pehtoori Flea Market is located in Kauttua Ironworks, in Ahlström’s atmospheric old stone barn. Come and find a bargain and enjoy a relaxing coffee. Pehtoori also organises carboot sale events during the summer, look in the event calendar for more information.

Tehtaantie 35, 27500 Kauttua

Gallery Aistinjyvä

On Tallinmäki’s steep slopes in Kauttua’s Ruukinpuisto there is a building built as a granary in 1918, which has opened its door as a gallery bar. Please come and visit its changing exhibitions, buy unique items as gifts and mementos and let your senses open to the former historic industrial area. In the shop, you will find carefully selected, personal and handcrafted products. It opened in June 2017 and will be open during the summer.

Varkaudenmäentie 2, 27500 Kauttua

Holiday Centre Sieravuori

Holiday Centre Sieravuori is a full-service holiday resort on the shores of Lake Pyhäjärvi, where you can find accommodation, restaurants, meeting and banquet facilities, a water sports centre, a swimming beach and saunas. In the summer, Sieravuori hosts events and live music.

Sieravuorentie 117, 27650 Honkilahti

Eura’s Pirtti

Eura’s Pirtti is a building designed by Jalmari Karhula and is one of Finland’s oldest and culturally valuable youth clubs. The Art Nouveau style wooden building was completed in 1908 and is located right in the centre of Eura. Every curtain and decoration in Pirtti was purposefully designed for it and it remains true to its original artistic – reflected in the staircase lighting, the stage and the stage sets as well as at the restaurant serving tables.

Sorkkistentie 8, 27510 Eura
Euran Pirtti | euranpirtti.net

Fishing on Lake Koskeljärvi

Koskeljärvi is a shallow, wilderness-like lake in Honkilahti, Eura. (more…)

Hamm’s Art House and Boutique

Hamm’s Art House is where you will find Finland’s first rural cosmetics and perfumes ’s shop. Pop in to buy or order a scent analysis under the direction of artist Pirjo Hamm-Hakamäki. In the shop you will find Pirjo Hamm-Hakamäki’s small paintings, cards, unique jewellery and, of course, the cosmetics, perfumes and toiletries for which the shop is widely known, especially its large selection of crafted fine sweet-smelling, old-time soaps. Boutique’s walls have absorbed the fragrances of delightful perfumes for decades!

Sorkkistentie 33, 27510 Eura
eurankemikalio.com | Euran kemikalio


Lake Vähäjärvi Swimming Beach and Sauna

Vähäjärvi Swimming Beach and Sauna are located in Honkilahti, Eura.

Address: Äimäröntie 66, Honkilahti

Raumanmöljä Swimming Beach, lake Pyhäjärvi

Raumanmöljä public beach is located in Eura on lake Pyhäjärvi. It has changing rooms, a dry toilet, a playground for children and mooring for boats.

Address: Möljäntie 9, Kauttua

Mäkelä Swimming Beach, river Eurajoki

Mäkelä’s small public swimming beach is located in Kiukainen on river Eurajoki.

Address: Mäkeläntie 13, Kiukainen

Turaranta Sauna and Swimming Beach, lake Turajärvi

Turaranta’s public beach and sauna are situated in the west of Eura on lake Turajärvi shores.

Address: Etelärannantie 239, Eura

Lake Loukonen Swimming Beach

Loukostenranta’s small swimming beach is located on the west side of Naarjoki village on the shores of Lake Loukonen. The beach has changing room facilities and a dry toilet. It is maintained by the municipality of Eura.

Adress: Loukostentie 58, Naarjoki

Eloranta Swimming Beach and Sauna, lake Auvoljärvi

Eloranta’s swimming beach and sauna is a public sauna and area owned by the Eura municipality on lake Auvoljärvi. There is also a small camping area in front of the lodge.

Address: Auvoljärventie 161 A, Hinnerjoki

Myllyojanlahti Swimming Beach, lake Pyhäjärvi

Myllyojanlahti swimming beach is located in the northwest corner of lake Pyhäjärvi by the Laitilantie road.

Address: Laitilantie 710, Eura

Eura’s Leisure Centre

The municipality of Eura is operating a modern wellness and sport centre containing an indoor swimming hall, a gym, a bowling alley, a café, lounge and meeting rooms.

The swimming hall consists of two children’s pools, a waterslide, a multipurpose pool, plus fitness, competition and cold swimming pools.

Eurantie 45, 27500 Eura

Kiperi Swimming Beach and Sauna, lake Pyhäjärvi

Kiperi public beach and sauna is on the northwestern edge of Pyhäjärvi and is open to swimmers in the summer and winter season. The beach is shallow and child-friendly and there are dressing rooms, toilets, a children’s playground and beach volleyball. And Kiperi’s 18-hole frisbee golf course is nearby.

Sauna and a small convenience store are open daily in summertime.

In winter, you can be brave and try ice-swimming.

Address: Kiperintie 83, Kauttua
Facebook: Kiperi

Canoeing in river Eurajoki

The river Eurajoki, which has its source in Lake Pyhäjärvi, is great for canoeing. The section of the popular journey from Kattuankoski rapids to Eurakoski dam in village Kiukainen is approximately 12 kilometers.

Examples of possible places to begin journeys include from below the Kauttuankoski rapids in Kauttua’s Ironworks area or Eura’s canoeing club.

Kayaks and canoes can be rented from Eura’s Canoeing Club, for example.

Nordic Skating on Lake Koskeljärvi

A favoured place for hikers in southwestern Finland is Lake Koskeljärvi in Eura. It belongs to the Natura 2000 network and is the largest lake without permanent buildings in Southwest Finland. Koskeljärvi is relatively shallow and therefore it freezes quicker than in sea areas. Although Koskeljärvi is only eight kilometres long, you can skate even up to 25 kilometres by skating around its shores. Several shelters and parking areas can be found around the lake.

luontoon.fi | Koskeljärvi

Cycling from Rauma to Eura

Cycling between the city of Rauma and the centre of Eura covers around 43 kilometres.

The cycle route starts from Old Rauma and allows cyclists to take in UNESCO World Heritage site Sammallahdenmäki and other sites before ending in the centre of Eura. (more…)

Harola Forest

Harola is located in the northwest corner of Lake Pyhäjärvi and is the most nature rich representative of the area’s broadleaf and mixed forests in Lake Pyhäjärvi area. In addition to Satakunta’s finest groves and nationally valuable ancient sites, there are also upland forests, bog woodland and the shores of Lake Pyhäjärvi.

Address: Pähkinistöntie 218, Kauttua

luontoon.fi | Harola

Ruukinpuisto Nature Trail

Ruukinpuisto Nature Trail runs alongside river Eurajoki, which rises from Lake Pyhäjärvi. The surrounding forest’s diverse tree species offer peace for both walkers and forest dwellers. (more…)

Nature trail of Hiittenkari

Nature trail of Hiittenkari is located on the edge of the northern end of lake Pyhäjärvi in Kauttua village. The path leads to Hiittenkari, which is half a mile in length and roughly tapers to lake Pyhäjärvi’s unique projecting ridge peninsula. (more…)

Lake Koskeljärvi Area

Koskeljärvi is the largest lake in the southwest of Finland to be free of holiday homes and an internationally valuable area for water birds, but it is also an important recreational area. Lake Koskeljärvi is surrounded by an excellent network of nature sites, shelters and hiking routes.

Härkluoma lean-to: Härkluomantie 179, Honkilahti
Latosaari lean-to and birdwatching tower: Rantamaantie 107, Vaaljoki (Eura)

luontoon.fi | Koskeljärvi

Prehistoric Eura – Brochure

This guide introduces Eura’s living prehistory by providing essential historical knowledge and presenting the services and routes to the park and its ancient sites.

Go to brochure

Fishing on Lake Pyhäjärvi

Pyhäjärvi is the common lake for the regions of Southwest Finland and Satakunta and the largest lake in Southwest Finland. Säkylä’s Pyhäjärvi is said to be one of Europe’s most fish rich lakes and its attractions include plenty of pike and perch. In addition, the lake contains, for example, burbot, brown trout and whitefish. Signal crayfish are also plentiful and 500,000 to 1,000,000 are caught annually on lake Pyhäjärvi.

Cycling route Eura – Kiukainen – Tuiskula

The cycling route runs in Finnish countryside from Eura to Kiukainen and back to Eura via village Tuiskula. The length of the route is 31 km. (more…)

Cycle into Prehistory and National Landscapes

The route runs along the shore of Lake Pyhäjärvi, and through the historically valuable national landscape of Lake Köyliönjärvi. Along the route there are interesting historical sites, such as ancient ruins and museums. The route takes cyclists into prehistory and the route of Christianity’s entry into Finland. (more…)

Latosaari Birdwatching Tower, lake Koskeljärvi

Lake Koskeljärvi is an internationally valuable area for waterbirds. Koskeljärvi’s birdwatching tower is located at the south-west corner of the lake in Latosaari, where you can also find a lean-to and a dry toilet. The car park is located a few hundred metres from the lean-to.

Address: Rantamaantie 107, Vaaljoki
luontoon.fi | Koskeljärvi

Panelia Frisbee Golf Course

In Panelia village, Eura, there is a 9 hole frisbee forest golf course that begins at Panelia’s watertower.

Address: Hemmintie 21, Panelia
frisbeegolfradat.fi | Panelia

Honkilahti Frisbee Golf Course

Eura’s Honkilahti village has a 9 hole forest course running alongside outdoor trail.

Address: Koskenkylänraitti 89, Honkilahti
frisbeegolfradat.fi | Honkilahti

Sieravuori Frisbee Golf Course

Around the Holiday Centre Sieravuori there is a 9 hole frisbee golf course set in park and forest, offering a challenge to even more experienced players while also being suitable for beginners.

Address: Sieravuorentie 117, Honkilahti
frisbeegolfradat.fi | Sieravuori

Eura Frisbee Golf Course

Eura’s frisbee golf course is located at the sports field near Eura. The course is a 9-holed.

Address: Nummentie 28, Eura
frisbeegolfradat.fi | Euran rata

Kiperi Frisbee Golf Course

Kiperi Frisbee Golf Course is located in the Kiperi recreation area of Eura. It is an 18-hole forest and field course.

Address: Kiperintie 70, Eura
frisbeegolfradat.fi | Kiperi
Facebook: Kiperi Frisbee Golf Course

Lake Vaaljärvi Birdwatching Tower

Lake Vaaljärvi birdwatching tower is located on the northwest corner of lake Vaaljärvi in ​​the village of Vaaljoki in Eura. Lake Vaaljärvi is located nearby the lake Koskeljärvi.

Address: Vaaljoentie 616, Vaaljoki
luontoon.fi | Koskeljärvi

The Laughing Dragon – Prehistory Quidance Centre

Get to know with Eura’s glorious Iron Age! The exhibitions describe the lives of the area’s ancient inhabitants and you can try out different ancient handicraft techniques yourself. The exhibition features both original and reconstructed items, such as the traditional costumes worn in Eura. At the shop, you can buy products that were inspired by ancient artefacts discovered in the region.

Sorkkistentie 18, 27510 Eura
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