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Tibet Art Center

Tibet Art Center

A museum of Tibetian Art in Alastaro. A rare and wide collection of tibetianbuddhist icon art; thangka-paintings, statues and ritual artifacts.
You can also attend yoga and meditation lessons in Art Center. Lessons are also available in nature and can be combined with outdoor activities such as hiking or trekking. For groups: hiking and yoga packages.

June-August Wed-Fri 12 am-5pm, Sat-Sun 12am-4pm
Sep-May Fri 12 am-5pm, Sat-Sun 12am-4pm
Groups for request

Auvaistentie 400, 32440 Alastaro
Tibet Art Center

Kikros Design

Kikros Design, i.e. goldsmith Kirsi Sarasvirta crafts her own small series and unique jewellery, which is principally made from silver and yellow and white gold. Her smithy also produces handcrafted work in many other materials. In addition to precious metals, iron and copper wire, glass beads and various recycled products are used as interesting materials to make distinctive new products.

In addition to the sale of precious jewellery, the smithy organises handicraft workshops for small groups, for example, for bachelor parties, societies and workgroups. The smithy’s jewellery store is located in the beautiful village of Panelia in Eura.

Shop: Paneliantie 25, 27430 Panelia
Workshops: Mäkiläntie 7, 27430 Panelia

Härkänummi Viking age Village

Eura’s prehistory comes to life in the Härkänummi Viking Age Village, where Pohjolan muinaiselämys (Pohjala Ancient Experience) organises Iron Age themed adventure tours for children and adults. At Härkänummi you can sense and experience the Iron Age and you can try, among other things, ancient handicrafts or hunting skills and learn about the production of ancient food and beer. The Ancient Life Experience is tailored to the customer’s wishes. Härkänummi hosts an annual event Muinaisaikaan (To the Ancient times) in June when the village opens up to individual visitors as well.

Härkänummen viikinkikylä
Mansikintie, 27670 Mannila

Eura Sportcenter

Eura Sportcenter – a well-being centre offers Satakunta’s largest facilities for racquet sports and other ball sports, including tennis, badminton, squash, table tennis, snooker, pickleball, racquetball, floorball. Our facilities also include a cross-training gym, sauna facilities, ProShop and a café and meeting rooms.

We organise tournaments and events throughout the year and arrange group fitness and small group exercise courses for fitness enthusiasts of different levels. Come and join in!

Mäkitie 2, 27510 Eura

Ilo Adventures

Ilo Adventures rents canoes and kayaks, organises guided canoe tours and canoeing courses. Ilo Adventures equipment can also be rented at Säkylä’s Katismaa island.

Rantatie 238, 27800 Säkylä