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The Lake Pyhäjärvi area has excellent fishing. The diverse watercourses of the region offer great fishing experiences, especially if you…

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Eura Canoeing Club

Eura’s Canoeing Club is active canoeing association.

Canoeing Club is renting canoes and kayaks in two different locations. The other location is on the shore of lake Pyhäjärvi and the other is by the river Eurajoki. Both locations are close to the center of Eura.

sporttisaitti.com | Euran kanoottiklubi

Valasranta Sauna

Valasranta Sauna is located close to the Valasranta swimming beach on the shore of Lake Pyhäjärvi. The sauna and room with fireplace can be rented on every day except on saturdays. The fireplace room has tableware and space for up to 30 persons.

The Valasranta Sauna is a place for winter swimming on saturdays during the winter season from October to April . The swimming place and sauna is open at 13:00 to 19:00.

Valasrannantie 363, Yläne
valasranta.fi | vuokraus

Valasranta Dance Pavilion

The legendary Valasranta dance pavilion is located on the shore of lake Pyhäjärvi in Yläne. The most brightest stars of the Finnish dance music scene is seen on Valasranta.

The dance season begin in May and continue through the summer to the end of September. The events take place on saturday night.

Valasrannantie 363, 21900 Yläne

Nummiranta’s Pearl

Nummiranta’s pearl is a traditional log cabin on the shore of lake Pyhäjärvi near the borders of Southwest Finland and Satakunta, which can accommodate up to 10-12 people. A shallow sandy beach and a peaceful environment make it suitable for families with children. The cottage includes a hut, a kitchenette, two loft spaces, a sauna, a dressing room, a terrace and dry toilet. The cottage has electric heating and water plus a wood-heated sauna. Nummiranta is also suitable for meetings and parties.

Nummirannantie, 27800 Säkylä

Katismaa Island

Katismaa island offers year-round recreational opportunities in Säkylä on the shores of lake Pyhäjärvi. In the summertime, the island has a café-restaurant and a sauna. From Katismaa you can also rent Ilo Adventures canoes, kayaks and SUP boards.

In winter, the island’s services focus on ice swimming with sauna and cafe services.

Katismaantie 18, 27800 Säkylä

Ilo Adventures

Ilo Adventures rents canoes and kayaks, organises guided canoe tours and canoeing courses. Ilo Adventures equipment can also be rented at Säkylä’s Katismaa island.

Rantatie 238, 27800 Säkylä

Säkylä’s Wilderness and Fishing Tourism

Säkylä’s Wilderness and Fishing Tourism offers high quality cottages for rent on the shore of Lake Pyhäjärvi. Accommodation is available in three different sized cabins, the largest of which can sleep nine people. The cottages are located near the centre of Säkylä. There is also a smoke sauna and a barbecue hut. Fishing programme services are also available.

Rantatie 137, 27800 Säkylä

Holiday Centre Sieravuori

Holiday Centre Sieravuori is a full-service holiday resort on the shores of Lake Pyhäjärvi, where you can find accommodation, restaurants, meeting and banquet facilities, a water sports centre, a swimming beach and saunas. In the summer, Sieravuori hosts events and live music.

Sieravuorentie 117, 27650 Honkilahti

Kalikka’s Swimming Beach and Saunas

In the southern end of Lake Pyhäjärvi there are public beach and saunas in Kalika. The area is shared by the municipalities of Pöytyä and Loimaa.

Pöytyä’s sauna is in public use on even numbered weeks and the Loimaa sauna is used in odd numbered weeks. The saunas are open daily in June, July and August from 12:00 to 21:00. At Midsummer Pöytyä sauna is open to the public.

The area has dressing and washing facilities, firesites and a beach.

Address: Kalikantie 42, Pöytyä

More info:
loimaa.fi | Kalikka
poytya.fi | Kalikka

Kaunisranta Sauna and Swimming Beach, lake Pyhäjärvi

Kaunisranta sauna and swimming beach are located in the southwest of Lake Pyhäjärvi in the village of Kolvaa, Säkylä. The Sauna and beach are run by Pöytyä municipality.

Address: Kaunisrannantie 48, Säkylä

Nummiranta Swimming Beach, lake Pyhäjärvi

Nummiranta’s public swimming beach is located in lake Pyhäjärvi’s southeast corner on the border between Säkylä and Pöytyä. It has changing rooms and a dry toilet.

Address: Nummirannantie, Säkylä

Kotkastenlahti Swimming Beach, Pyhäjärvi

Kotkastenlahti beach is located in Säkylä. In the vicinity of the beach there is also Kiviterrasi’s (Stone Terrace) campfire site. Kotkastenniemi Beach probably has Pyhäjärvi’s longest jetty.

Adress: Rantatie 922, Säkylä

Katismaa Swimming Beach, lake Pyhäjärvi

Katismaa’s public beach is located near Säkylä fishing harbour on Katismaa Island. The beach has a jumping tower, changing room facilities and a children’s playground.

Address: Katismaantie 13, Säkylä.

Säkylä Sand Beach, lake Pyhäjärvi

Säkylä sandy beach is located at the northeastern side of lake Pyhäjärvi. The public beach has a dry toilet and changing rooms.

Address: Rantatie 1048, Säkylä

Raumanmöljä Swimming Beach, lake Pyhäjärvi

Raumanmöljä public beach is located in Eura on lake Pyhäjärvi. It has changing rooms, a dry toilet, a playground for children and mooring for boats.

Address: Möljäntie 9, Kauttua

Myllyojanlahti Swimming Beach, lake Pyhäjärvi

Myllyojanlahti swimming beach is located in the northwest corner of lake Pyhäjärvi by the Laitilantie road.

Address: Laitilantie 710, Eura

Nature trail of Hiittenkari

Nature trail of Hiittenkari is located on the edge of the northern end of lake Pyhäjärvi in Kauttua village. The path leads to Hiittenkari, which is half a mile in length and roughly tapers to lake Pyhäjärvi’s unique projecting ridge peninsula. (more…)

Sieravuori Outdoor Trail

In Eura’s village Honkilahti, in the scenic surroundings of lake Pyhäjarvi by rugged cliffs and forested shoreline the winding Sieravuori Outdoor Trail is perfect for a wide range of hiking and exercise activities. The lenght of the trail is about 8.1 kilometers. (more…)

Fishing on Lake Pyhäjärvi

Pyhäjärvi is the common lake for the regions of Southwest Finland and Satakunta and the largest lake in Southwest Finland. Säkylä’s Pyhäjärvi is said to be one of Europe’s most fish rich lakes and its attractions include plenty of pike and perch. In addition, the lake contains, for example, burbot, brown trout and whitefish. Signal crayfish are also plentiful and 500,000 to 1,000,000 are caught annually on lake Pyhäjärvi.

Säkylä Scenic Cycling Route

Along the Säkylä scenic cycling route, you can enjoy the unique landscape of Lake Pyhäjärvi and the open landscape of Säkylä and Köyliö, which are national landscapes. (more…)

Cycle into Prehistory and National Landscapes

The route runs along the shore of Lake Pyhäjärvi, and through the historically valuable national landscape of Lake Köyliönjärvi. Along the route there are interesting historical sites, such as ancient ruins and museums. The route takes cyclists into prehistory and the route of Christianity’s entry into Finland. (more…)

Sarvonlahti Birdwatching Tower, lake Pyhäjärvi

Sarvonlahti birdwatching tower is located in Säkylä at the eastern edge of Lake Pyhäjärvi. Nearby the parking area you can find also dry toilets.

Address: Pioneeritie 107, Säkylä