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Valasranta Sauna

Valasranta Sauna is located close to the Valasranta swimming beach on the shore of Lake Pyhäjärvi. The sauna and room with fireplace can be rented on every day except on saturdays. The fireplace room has tableware and space for up to 30 persons.

The Valasranta Sauna is a place for winter swimming on saturdays during the winter season from October to April . The swimming place and sauna is open at 13:00 to 19:00.

Valasrannantie 363, Yläne
valasranta.fi | vuokraus

Katismaa Island

Katismaa island offers year-round recreational opportunities in Säkylä on the shores of lake Pyhäjärvi. In the summertime, the island has a café-restaurant and a sauna. From Katismaa you can also rent Ilo Adventures canoes, kayaks and SUP boards.

In winter, the island’s services focus on ice swimming with sauna and cafe services.

Katismaantie 18, 27800 Säkylä


This comprehensive Rantasauna service includes two saunas: a lakeshore sauna on the shore of the clear waters of Lake Pyhäjärvi and the Villa Ahlström sauna, where you can also enjoy cooking from Ahlström’s in the sauna area. Rantasauna was designed by Olav Hammarstöm, while Villa Ahlström is a magnificent neo classical building constructed by Jarl Eklund, completed in 1911. Come and enjoy the sauna and its wonderful milieu.

Sepäntie 7, Kauttua

Kauttua Club

Kauttuan Klubi is a beautiful manor house built over 200 years ago as the main building in the industrial area and is located in the middle of Kauttua Ironworks alongside Eurajoki River. Today it serves as a hotel and restaurant. The accommodation has refurbished rooms decorated in the manor house’s spirit. There is also accommodation at Villa Aalto, designed by Alvar Aalto, and the guest house in Varkaudenmäki.

Area is excellent for events, exhibitions and celebrations and offers a wide range of services for nature lovers to do in the surrounding forests and the clean fishing waters of Lake Pyhäjärvi. Two saunas also belong within the range of services offered.

Sepäntie 3, 27500 Kauttua

Eskola Wilderness Cabins

Eskola Wilderness Cabins are situated within the vicinity of the wilds of Lake Vaskijärvi’s nature reserve and Lake Elijärvi in Yläne. The Eskola cabins have been built for travellers who appreciate nature and ecotourism. In addition, there is the possibility to order campfire coffee, catering and a smoke sauna. The cabins are also suitable for meetings.

Eskolankuja 35, 21900 Yläne

Holiday Centre Sieravuori

Holiday Centre Sieravuori is a full-service holiday resort on the shores of Lake Pyhäjärvi, where you can find accommodation, restaurants, meeting and banquet facilities, a water sports centre, a swimming beach and saunas. In the summer, Sieravuori hosts events and live music.

Sieravuorentie 117, 27650 Honkilahti

Activity Holidays

Toimintaloma (Activity Holidays) is a varied holiday complex located in the ridge area of Virttaankangas, where accommodation, meeting and banquet facilities, smoke sauna, hut sauna and hot tubs are available. Toimintaloma is located in the vicinity of the Harjureitti hiking area.

Toimintalomantie 2, 32560 Virttaa

Lake Elijärvi Log Cabin Holidays

Elijärvi’s high quality log cabins are located in Yläne on the lake of Elijärvi and in the immediate vicinity of the extensive hiking trails in Kuhankuono. The log cabins are also suitable for meetings.

Meriläntie 24, 21900 Yläne

Kalikka’s Swimming Beach and Saunas

In the southern end of Lake Pyhäjärvi there are public beach and saunas in Kalika. The area is shared by the municipalities of Pöytyä and Loimaa.

Pöytyä’s sauna is in public use on even numbered weeks and the Loimaa sauna is used in odd numbered weeks. The saunas are open daily in June, July and August from 12:00 to 21:00. At Midsummer Pöytyä sauna is open to the public.

The area has dressing and washing facilities, firesites and a beach.

Address: Kalikantie 42, Pöytyä

More info:
loimaa.fi | Kalikka
poytya.fi | Kalikka

Kaunisranta Sauna and Swimming Beach, lake Pyhäjärvi

Kaunisranta sauna and swimming beach are located in the southwest of Lake Pyhäjärvi in the village of Kolvaa, Säkylä. The Sauna and beach are run by Pöytyä municipality.

Address: Kaunisrannantie 48, Säkylä

Yttilänotta Swimming Beach, lake Köyliönjärvi

The Yttilänotta public beach is located on the eastern edge of lake Köyliönjärvi. The beach has a diving tower, changing rooms, a dry toilet and a sauna for rent. Sauna reservations are handled by Säkylä’s municipal office.

Address: Yttilän Ottantie 80, Köyliö

Lake Vähäjärvi Swimming Beach and Sauna

Vähäjärvi Swimming Beach and Sauna are located in Honkilahti, Eura.

Address: Äimäröntie 66, Honkilahti

Turaranta Sauna and Swimming Beach, lake Turajärvi

Turaranta’s public beach and sauna are situated in the west of Eura on lake Turajärvi shores.

Address: Etelärannantie 239, Eura

Eloranta Swimming Beach and Sauna, lake Auvoljärvi

Eloranta’s swimming beach and sauna is a public sauna and area owned by the Eura municipality on lake Auvoljärvi. There is also a small camping area in front of the lodge.

Address: Auvoljärventie 161 A, Hinnerjoki

Eura’s Leisure Centre

The municipality of Eura is operating a modern wellness and sport centre containing an indoor swimming hall, a gym, a bowling alley, a café, lounge and meeting rooms.

The swimming hall consists of two children’s pools, a waterslide, a multipurpose pool, plus fitness, competition and cold swimming pools.

Eurantie 45, 27500 Eura

Kiperi Swimming Beach and Sauna, lake Pyhäjärvi

Kiperi public beach and sauna is on the northwestern edge of Pyhäjärvi and is open to swimmers in the summer and winter season. The beach is shallow and child-friendly and there are dressing rooms, toilets, a children’s playground and beach volleyball. And Kiperi’s 18-hole frisbee golf course is nearby.

Sauna and a small convenience store are open daily in summertime.

In winter, you can be brave and try ice-swimming.

Address: Kiperintie 83, Kauttua
Facebook: Kiperi