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You can find the newest collection of Marimekko’s clothes, accessories, fabrics and home items in Artemiia’s boutique in Eura. There is also other brands available, for example Ritva Falla, MASAI, Fransa.  In Artemiia You always meet friendly staff!

Satakunnankatu 22, 27510 Eura

Interior design and handicrafts Midinetti

Midinetti hand manufactures goods and gifts as well as decorative furnishings. There are also accessories and clothes in the collection, plus a sewing service.

It is also worth dropping in for coffee as there is a charming cafe in the boutique, where you can enjoy a variety of sweet and savoury snacks. Outside the actual opening hours, you can also book the café for big and small groups and ask for the café to cater to your visual and taste bud requirements.

The store is located in Eura, in the centre of the village of Panelia.

Paneliantie 31 A, Panelia


The Finnish knitwear company KAINO, established in 2010, manufactures ecological, ethical, high quality knitwear for women. Kaino’s trade and production facilities are located in the village of Kepola in Köyliö, where all its products are designed and manufactured by hand from merino wool and organic cotton yarn. At the store you can find bargains and learn about our production range of rare quality: Scandinavian and deliciously coloured products!

Köyliöntie 2, 27710 Köyliö

Wanha Sähkötehdas (The Old Power Plant)

Panelia’s old power plant’s milieu offers unique experiences and shopping. The building houses the outlets of Villa Pellava, Punainen talli and Biolin. Villa Pellava’s range includes high quality clothes and accessories, Punainen talli sells wonderful decorative products, gift ideas, textiles and delicacies. Biolin manufactures health products from its own flaxseeds for dogs, horses and, of course, people. You will also find Uulatuote’s excellent paint shop in the old power plant.

Paneliantie 32, 27430 Panelia


Makeistamo – the Sweet Factory

The centuries old vintage handicraft traditions found around Kauttua Ruukinpuisto also include sweet making. The best raw materials are used by Satakunta’s sweetest man, Makeistamo’s Timo and you can buy your sweets directly from the shop or order them made according to your taste and have them delivered to your doorstep. The sweet range also contains the local hot sweet: Ruukinpippuri.

Tehtaantie 35, 27500 Kauttua

Pehtoori Flea Market

Pehtoori Flea Market is located in Kauttua Ironworks, in Ahlström’s atmospheric old stone barn. Come and find a bargain and enjoy a relaxing coffee. Pehtoori also organises carboot sale events during the summer, look in the event calendar for more information.

Tehtaantie 35, 27500 Kauttua

Gallery Aistinjyvä

On Tallinmäki’s steep slopes in Kauttua’s Ruukinpuisto there is a building built as a granary in 1918, which has opened its door as a gallery bar. Please come and visit its changing exhibitions, buy unique items as gifts and mementos and let your senses open to the former historic industrial area. In the shop, you will find carefully selected, personal and handcrafted products. It opened in June 2017 and will be open during the summer.

Varkaudenmäentie 2, 27500 Kauttua

Hamm’s Art House and Boutique

Hamm’s Art House is where you will find Finland’s first rural cosmetics and perfumes ’s shop. Pop in to buy or order a scent analysis under the direction of artist Pirjo Hamm-Hakamäki. In the shop you will find Pirjo Hamm-Hakamäki’s small paintings, cards, unique jewellery and, of course, the cosmetics, perfumes and toiletries for which the shop is widely known, especially its large selection of crafted fine sweet-smelling, old-time soaps. Boutique’s walls have absorbed the fragrances of delightful perfumes for decades!

Sorkkistentie 33, 27510 Eura
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