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Kaidanoja Manor

Kaidanoja Manor is located in the beautiful meandering countryside of Pöytyän Uusikartano. The manor has a comprehensive service, banquet and conference facilities, two saunas, hotel and camp accommodation, caravan sites and a vast courtyard area. At the manor you can enjoy the dishes and pastries made by Kulhuan Paakari from Finnish ingredients. We serve our customers by order all year round. Manor’s Facebook page KaidanojanKartano  provides updates on open lunches and events. Manor’s Kamu also welcomes dog friends!
Vanhainkodintie 12, 21930 Uusikartano, tel. +358 40 1244 302. KaidanojanKartano

Saint Olav’s Church of Ylane

In Yläne in the municipality of Pöytyä you can find Saint Olav’s Church, which was designed by well-known church builder Mikael Piimänen. The wooden church has been in place since 1782. On the same land, there was a prior church built in the 17th century and, according to the story, the new church was built on the old, explaining why the wooden shingle roof of the exterior is so high and yet the interior of the church varies in height.

The Upper Church is decorated in light shades and the last major renovation came in 1996, when attention was paid to the illumination and safety of the church. The church has an altarpiece painted by J.Z.Blackstadius called “Taking Down from the Cross” from 1874.

The organ in the church is one of Finland’s oldest and still in use. It was built by B. A. Thúlen in 1888 and completely restored and repaired in 2007.

The church has received many gifts donated by various local communities, such as lamps, textiles, baptismal fonts and bowls as well as wedding tapestries . The oldest chandeliers date from the end of 1700s.

Kirkkokuja 1, 21900 Yläne

Valasranta Sauna

Valasranta Sauna is located close to the Valasranta swimming beach on the shore of Lake Pyhäjärvi. The sauna and room with fireplace can be rented on every day except on saturdays. The fireplace room has tableware and space for up to 30 persons.

The Valasranta Sauna is a place for winter swimming on saturdays during the winter season from October to April . The swimming place and sauna is open at 13:00 to 19:00.

Valasrannantie 363, Yläne
valasranta.fi | vuokraus

Valasranta Dance Pavilion

The legendary Valasranta dance pavilion is located on the shore of lake Pyhäjärvi in Yläne. The most brightest stars of the Finnish dance music scene is seen on Valasranta.

The dance season begin in May and continue through the summer to the end of September. The events take place on saturday night.

Valasrannantie 363, 21900 Yläne

Nature Cabinet

Luontokapinetti (Nature Cabinet) is a wildlife exhibition in Yläne. An exhibition space of 600 m2 has been built to include the entire universe. Knowledgeable enthusiasts will find new things to learn by immersing themselves in the details and others can admire and enjoy the exhibition by admiring its visual beauty. Guided tours are available.

Hovilanmäentie 2, 21900 Yläne

Eskola Wilderness Cabins

Eskola Wilderness Cabins are situated within the vicinity of the wilds of Lake Vaskijärvi’s nature reserve and Lake Elijärvi in Yläne. The Eskola cabins have been built for travellers who appreciate nature and ecotourism. In addition, there is the possibility to order campfire coffee, catering and a smoke sauna. The cabins are also suitable for meetings.

Eskolankuja 35, 21900 Yläne

Lake Elijärvi Log Cabin Holidays

Elijärvi’s high quality log cabins are located in Yläne on the lake of Elijärvi and in the immediate vicinity of the extensive hiking trails in Kuhankuono. The log cabins are also suitable for meetings.

Meriläntie 24, 21900 Yläne

Fishing on lake Elijärvi

Located on the south-west of Lake Pyhäjärvi, Elijärvi offers a variety of fishing opportunities. (more…)

Kurala Manor

The manor house Kurala in Pöytyä in Southwest Finland is a year-round holiday destination for families and offers accommodation, facilities for parties, adventures and fun.

We organise family get-togethers, meetings and dining for groups, succeeding because we listen to our customers’ needs

Kuralantie 11, 21900 Yläne

Kalikka’s Swimming Beach and Saunas

In the southern end of Lake Pyhäjärvi there are public beach and saunas in Kalika. The area is shared by the municipalities of Pöytyä and Loimaa.

Pöytyä’s sauna is in public use on even numbered weeks and the Loimaa sauna is used in odd numbered weeks. The saunas are open daily in June, July and August from 12:00 to 21:00. At Midsummer Pöytyä sauna is open to the public.

The area has dressing and washing facilities, firesites and a beach.

Address: Kalikantie 42, Pöytyä

More info:
loimaa.fi | Kalikka
poytya.fi | Kalikka

Valasranta Swimming Beach, lake Pyhäjärvi

Valasranta swimming beach is located in the south of Lake Pyhäjärvi in Yläne.

Address: Valasrannantie 363, Yläne

Kuhankuono Hiking Route

Kuhankuono Hiking Route is a network of hiking trails located in the region of Southwest Finland. There are three Kuhankuono trails in the Yläne area: The Two Lake Tour, Vaskijärvi Trail and Pirunkirkko’s Hike. In addition, there are other Kuhankuono hiking trail options in the Kurjenrahka National Park and it vicinity, such as round Lake Savojärvi.


Vaskijärvi Strict Nature Reserve

Vaskijärvi Strict Nature Reserve is located in Yläne on the south-west of lake Elijärvi and the surrounding area is one of the largest preserved wilderness areas in Southwest Finland.

Nationalparks.fi | Vaskijärvi

Kurjenrahka National Park

Kurjenrahka National Park is located on the southern edge of the lake Pyhäjärvi area, bordering Pöytyä, Aura, Nousiainen, Mynämäki, Masku, Rusko and Turku. Kurjenrahka National Park is a popular hiking area and suitable for hikers of all kinds.

nationalparks.fi | Kurjenrahka

Fishing on Lake Pyhäjärvi

Pyhäjärvi is the common lake for the regions of Southwest Finland and Satakunta and the largest lake in Southwest Finland. Säkylä’s Pyhäjärvi is said to be one of Europe’s most fish rich lakes and its attractions include plenty of pike and perch. In addition, the lake contains, for example, burbot, brown trout and whitefish. Signal crayfish are also plentiful and 500,000 to 1,000,000 are caught annually on lake Pyhäjärvi.

Cycle Route Yläne – Kurjenrahka National Park

This bicycle route is intended as a route between Yläne village and Kurjenrahka National Park and can be travelled in either direction. (more…)

Cycling route Yläne – Raasi – Uusikartano

The 29 kilometre long bicycle route from Yläne centre runs through the Raasi area to Uusikartano and then back to Yläne along the Yläneenjoki river. (more…)

Yläne Frisbee Golf Course

Close by Yläne’s school you can find a 9 hole forest golf course.

Address: Koulutie 14, Yläne
frisbeegolfradat.fi | Yläne