Cycling route Yläne – Raasi – Uusikartano

The 29 kilometre long bicycle route from Yläne centre runs through the Raasi area to Uusikartano and then back to Yläne along the Yläneenjoki river.

The trail begins with uphill biking before turning to the dirt roads and winding through a peaceful forest and alongside Yläneenjoki river before returning to Yläne.

The route is not marked on the terrain and the journey takes place at your own risk.

Opening the route in Google Maps app in Android and iOS operating devices:

  1. Turn on GPS on your device
  2. Open this page with Google Chrome browser
  3. Click the scaling symbol on the upper right corner of the map
  4. The route map opens automatically on Google Maps app
  5. You can now navigate through the route with your mobile device. Have a nice trip!