Loimaa Travel Guides

A local guide is the guarantee for a successful journey for your group. With a professional guide we can focus on to the local history, sightseeing, nature and the whole variety of life.

Recommendable themes and destinations for guided tours are The Lake Pyhäjärvi tour, The tour of history and present day in Yläne, the Local history museum of Yläne, The Nature Cabinet of Yläne, Kurjenrahka National Park, The Lake Vaskijärvi Strict Nature Reserve and canoeing on lake Koskeljärvi or on river Yläneenjoki.

Please contact directly to the guides listed below. We can customise a suitable package for your group. The two hour guiding costs about 75 € for a group.

Guide nameTours and destinationsPhoneEmailGuiding language
Heli VirtanenBus tours for groups, Guiding in Uusikartano area+358505866481virtanhl@gmail.comEnglish
Sirke RuusunenNature guiding in Kurjenrahka National Park, Canoeing trips for groups+358408421517sirke.ruusunen@gmail.comEnglish
Taina Lohioja-RaivoBus tours for groups, Nature guiding in Kurjenrahka National Park, The Lake Pyhäjärvi tour+358400854081taina.lohioja@gmail.comSwedish
Taina SimolaBus tours for groups, Tour package designing, The Lake Pyhäjärvi tour+358440563550simolataina@gmail.comSwedish
Teija NielsenNature guiding in Kurjenrahka National Park, Guiding in the Yläne Museum yards garden+358505639078teija.nielsen@gmail.comEnglish
Ulla PalomäkiGuiding in the Church of Yläne and in the graveyards, Guiding in the local history museum of Yläne+358505741189uip48@suomi24.fiFrench, English, Spanish, Swedish