Cycling Route Eskers Rotation

The 48 km long cycling route begin in the centre of Säkylä and runs alongside Lake Pyhäjärvi to Pyhäjoki village to esker Säkylänharju-Virttaankangas and from village Kankaanpää back to Säkylä.

The bicycle route runs from Säkylä along Rantatie road to Pioneeritie road, where you can stop at the Sarvonlahti bird watching tower. There is also the opportunity to take breaks elsewhere such as on the Harjureitti hiking trail. When back in Kankaanpää, you can take a break, for example, at spring Kuninkaanlähde (The Royal Spring).

The length of the route is 40 km, is not marked and is taken at your own risk.

Opening the route in Google Maps app in Android and iOS operating devices:

  1. Turn on GPS on your device
  2. Open this page with Google Chrome browser
  3. Click the scaling symbol on the upper right corner of the map
  4. The route map opens automatically on Google Maps app
  5. You can now navigate through the route with your mobile device. Have a nice trip!