Saint Olav’s Church of Ylane

In Yläne in the municipality of Pöytyä you can find Saint Olav’s Church, which was designed by well-known church builder Mikael Piimänen. The wooden church has been in place since 1782. On the same land, there was a prior church built in the 17th century and, according to the story, the new church was built on the old, explaining why the wooden shingle roof of the exterior is so high and yet the interior of the church varies in height.

The Upper Church is decorated in light shades and the last major renovation came in 1996, when attention was paid to the illumination and safety of the church. The church has an altarpiece painted by J.Z.Blackstadius called “Taking Down from the Cross” from 1874.

The organ in the church is one of Finland’s oldest and still in use. It was built by B. A. Thúlen in 1888 and completely restored and repaired in 2007.

The church has received many gifts donated by various local communities, such as lamps, textiles, baptismal fonts and bowls as well as wedding tapestries . The oldest chandeliers date from the end of 1700s.

Kirkkokuja 1, 21900 Yläne