Tip of August: Picnic by the Lake Pyhäjärvi

Picnic. With family, among friends, romanticly in the moonlight or by enjoying sunlight in a good company. Picnic is easy to fulfill with only a little time and effort. And what could be more suitable place for it than the shores of the Lake Pyhäjärvi? There are shores to pick: own shore by the summer cottage, neighbour’s beach (only with permission 🙂 ), swimming beach, public beach, pier and various other places call for a picnic.

One of my favourites is the wide pier in the shore in the centre of Säkylä, right behind the Municipal Office (Rantatie 254). Our guest bloggers from Spain also enjoyed a picnic there earlier this summer.

Grab some local products, bread, cheese, fish, berries and cold drinks into your picnic basket and enjoy the summer while it lasts!