Fishing on Lake Pyhäjärvi

General Information

Lake Pyhäjärvi covers an area of ​​155.2 square kilometres. The lake is located approximately 44.9 meters above sea level. Its southern areas are located in Yläne in the municipality of Pöytyä in southwestern Finland, the west and north end of the lake are mainly in Eura and the eastern edges are in the Säkylä municipality in Satakunta region.

Lake Pyhäjärvi is relatively shallow because its maximum depth is 26 meters and its average depth is 5.5 meters. The length of lake is about 25 kilometres and its open water is the second largest of the inland waters in Finland. The visibility of the lake generally varies from 1.5 to 3 meters.


Säkylä’s Pyhäjärvi is said to be one of Europe’s most fish rich lakes and its attractions include plenty of pike and perch and it also contains, for example, burbot, brown trout and whitefish. Signal crayfish are also plentiful and 500,000 to 1,000,000 are caught annually on Pyhäjärvi.

The strong fish stocks of Lake Pyhäjärvi are utilised professionally and the lake supports about 20 full-time professional fishers. The professionals catch perch, vendace, whitefish, etc.

For leisure fishers, Lake Pyhäjärvi offers opportunities for angling as well as everything between that and ice fishing. The best way to catch the fish is from a boat but don’t forget, for example, a float tube that can help you discover a place rich in fish.

In winter, you can fish for perch on the ice near the major islands or sometimes they are found where you least expect. Fishing for burbot usually starts in January and ends after the spawning season. At the ending of winter, you can catch whitefish on the ice in the sandy shallows.


Boats can use slipways at the southern end of Lake Pyhäjärvi near Valasranta Dance Pavilion. And in Yläne’s centre by the jetty on river Yläneenjoki.

In Säkylä, the slipway is found at the fishing harbour on road Katismaantie, near the centre of Säkylä.

In Eura, the slipway is located at the top of road Möljäntie in Kauttua in the northern end of Pyhäjärvi. There are also dry toilets on site. The slipway in Mannila village is located on the western edge of Pyhäjärvi near the fishing harbour off Kalaranta road.

Shelters and resting places on the lake

In front of Säkylä fishing harbour there is a shelter and a fire site on the island of Iissalo.

A stone terrace fire site is located at Kotkastenlahti beach in Säkylä.

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