Nordic Skating

The lakes in the Pyhäjärvi area often freeze before Christmas, sometimes even in early November. The snowless winters of the past few years have further increased the number of enthusiasts for engaging in Nordic skating across the vast lakes. The skating is done on naturally formed ice and on tracks that ploughed the surface snow away.

If you go Nordic skating, always remember safety comes first. Essential equipment includes ice picks, safety ropes and ice canes. Back packs must contain a change of clothes in watertight packs, so that the backpack will float if a skater falls into water. Knee pads and a helmet are also recommended. It is highly recommended that the beginners participate a Nordic skating training course before starting.

Distance skating offers good opportunities to practice Nordic skating. On a maintained ice track, there are fewer requirements: skates, suitable outdoor clothing and ice-picks are sufficient.

Nordic Skating on Lake Koskeljärvi

A favoured place for hikers in southwestern Finland is Lake Koskeljärvi in Eura. It belongs to the Natura 2000 network and is the largest lake without permanent buildings in Southwest Finland. Koskeljärvi is relatively shallow and therefore it freezes quicker than in sea areas. Although Koskeljärvi is only eight kilometres long, you can skate even up to 25 kilometres by skating around its shores. Several shelters and parking areas can be found around the lake. | Koskeljärvi

Nordic Skating on Lake Köyliönjärvi

A perfect nordic skating route is cleared for Lake Köyliönjärvi in winter. (more…)