Root of Happiness co-op

At Root of Happiness co-op we believe that people are part of nature and at their best when in close contact with it. And when nature does well, people do too. Green Care – producing well-being with the aid of the natural world, i.e. green power – is at the core of our activities. We want to promote well-being by strengthening our connection with natural environment and encouraging the harmony of body and mind. We believe that real happiness arises from simple things and experiences. Hence, we provide natural empowerment tools not only through nature, but also through creativity, art, physical activity, spiritual wealth and collaboration. The principles of sustainable development are important to us.

We produce a wide range of services and we strive for holistic well-being through natural creativity and mind and body exercise. Our services are adapted as best as possible according to your wishes and can be practised almost anywhere where the required content is found. Our main area of operation is the Lake Pyhäjärvi area and more widely the Turku to Pori area of Southwest Finland and Southern Satakunta.

Programme services

Forest Yoga is yoga that is adapted for a forest environment, which is based on natural elements and how they are expressed in our body and mind. Forest yoga makes the body agile and strong and brings balance to the mind and when yoga is practised in the forest being in the natural environment positively affects health. The style of forest yoga and the lessons learnt can be put into practice in almost any place.